This website, regularly updated, aims to present and examine in depth the figure and above all, the music of Raffaele Gervasio, a 20th century Italian composer, through the different (visual, sound, paper) materials available.

The objective is to provide information on Gervasio’s life and mindset, progressively making available a large part of his works to whoever should be interested.

For a complete knowledge of Gervasio’s works, please refer to the General catalogue of Raffaele Gervasio's works published by Edizioni del Sud in 2010, edited by Nicola Ventrella, consisting in 701 information sheets concerning all the different aspects of Gervasio’s musical production.

Anyone interested in materials, that are currently not in the website, can contact us directly and check for availability.

It is possible to report news of events concerning Raffaele Gervasio or leave a token or comment.